The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is calling on mothers to lead by example and put down their phones while driving.

In a statewide survey of women 16-34, 96% said that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous. Despite understanding the risk:

  • 96% have their phones on while driving;

  • 48% read incoming text messages;

  • 34% send text messages; and,

  • 12% look at social media while behind the wheel.


The survey also showed that 89% of participants said that modeling good behavior for their children was a key motivating factor for putting away their phones in the future.

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On the road, off the phone

The Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law makes driving while holding a cell phone illegal, even while stopped in traffic or a light.


Other examples of distracted driving include...

Safety by the Numbers

Now you can access traffic safety research about topics like distracted driving, DUI and more produced by the

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